The Complete
Album Title: The Complete
Artists: The Professionals
Released: 2015-10-16
Format: MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Genre: Rock,Music
Price: Free
Catalog Number: 91881 31219

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The Magnificent.mp3, Payola.mp3, Northern Slide.mp3, Friday Night Square.mp3, Kick Down the Doors.mp3, Little Boys in Blue.mp3, All the Way.mp3, Crescendo.mp3, Madhouse.mp3, Too Far to Fall.mp3, Just Another Dream.mp3, Action Man.mp3, 1 2 3.mp3, White Light / White Heat.mp3, Baby I Don't Care.mp3, Join the Professionals.mp3, Has Anybody Got an Alibi.mp3, Join the Professionals.mp3, Conned Again.mp3, La La La.mp3, Don’t Blow It All Away.mp3, Natural Born Killer.mp3, Some Play Dirty.mp3, Join the Professionals (John Peel Session).mp3, All the Way with You (John Peel Session).mp3, Crescendo (John Peel Session).mp3, Kick Down the Doors (John Peel Session).mp3, Join the Professionals (Mike Read Session).mp3, Madhouse (Mike Read Session).mp3, Crescendo (Mike Read Session).mp3, Little Boys in Blue (Alternate Recording).mp3, Mods Skins Punks.mp3, Kick Down the Doors (Alternate Recording).mp3, Kamikaze.mp3, All the Way (Alternate Recording).mp3, Crescendo (Alternate Recording).mp3, Madhouse (Alternate Recording).mp3, Rockin' Mick.mp3, Northern Slide (Demo).mp3, The Magnificent (Demo).mp3, Home From Home (Demo).mp3, The Magnificent (Dub).mp3, Love Man (Rough Mix).mp3, Payola (Monitor Mix 3).mp3, Join the Professionals (Remix).mp3, Just Another Dream (Monitor Mix).mp3, Join the Professionals (Monitor Mix).mp3,

About The Professionals

The Complete

The Professionals

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    3:53 The Magnificent.mp3
    3:41 Payola.mp3
    3:30 Northern Slide.mp3
    4:40 Friday Night Square.mp3
    4:37 Kick Down the Doors.mp3
    4:15 Little Boys in Blue.mp3
    3:22 All the Way.mp3
    4:09 Crescendo.mp3
    3:17 Madhouse.mp3
    3:52 Too Far to Fall.mp3
    3:06 Just Another Dream.mp3
    3:13 Action Man.mp3
    3:04 1 2 3.mp3
    3:49 White Light / White Heat.mp3
    1:51 Baby I Don't Care.mp3
    3:19 Join the Professionals.mp3
    3:22 Has Anybody Got an Alibi.mp3
    3:20 Join the Professionals.mp3
    3:17 Conned Again.mp3
    3:51 La La La.mp3
    3:39 Don’t Blow It All Away.mp3
    3:51 Natural Born Killer.mp3
    3:21 Some Play Dirty.mp3
    3:26 Join the Professionals (John Peel Session).mp3
    3:26 All the Way with You (John Peel Session).mp3
    4:06 Crescendo (John Peel Session).mp3
    4:28 Kick Down the Doors (John Peel Session).mp3
    3:19 Join the Professionals (Mike Read Session).mp3
    3:01 Madhouse (Mike Read Session).mp3
    3:57 Crescendo (Mike Read Session).mp3
    4:19 Little Boys in Blue (Alternate Recording).mp3
    3:17 Mods Skins Punks.mp3
    4:16 Kick Down the Doors (Alternate Recording).mp3
    3:24 Kamikaze.mp3
    3:25 All the Way (Alternate Recording).mp3
    3:51 Crescendo (Alternate Recording).mp3
    3:11 Madhouse (Alternate Recording).mp3
    3:53 Rockin' Mick.mp3
    3:26 Northern Slide (Demo).mp3
    4:34 The Magnificent (Demo).mp3
    3:43 Home From Home (Demo).mp3
    4:38 The Magnificent (Dub).mp3
    3:13 Love Man (Rough Mix).mp3
    3:43 Payola (Monitor Mix 3).mp3
    3:20 Join the Professionals (Remix).mp3
    3:12 Just Another Dream (Monitor Mix).mp3
    3:20 Join the Professionals (Monitor Mix).mp3
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